Wentworth Hall Consultancy
Wentworth Hall Consultancy

Based in London, Wentworth Hall Consultancy Ltd is a specialist consulting firm focused on the Alternative Investment Industry and providing presentation skill training to help communication within businesses.


The Consultancy provides strategic business advice and effective communication skills training to clients, tailored to their individual needs.

The 3rd Law for Clients - If you can't spell it, pronounce it or understand it, then don't buy it.


What makes us different


The Consultancy is a small focused boutique run by Ian Morley.  Ian is one of the pioneers of the Hedge Fund Industry and has over 35 years experience of building and running entrepreneurial businesses. All the gimmicks in the world do not equte to experience.


If you would like more information about our effective communication training or presentation skills training, please call our office in London on 0207 486 9184.

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